rent roll sale

Attrition vs Retention - Strategies to Minimise & Maximise

Many agents ask me, what is the average retention or attrition you see with rent roll sales?

My answer is a question quite simple, do you mean attrition of the rent roll or retention of the rent roll? A lot of principals believe they are one of the same, however I strongly believe they are quite different.

Compliant Managing Agency Agreements - Checklist and 5 Solutions to Fix Mistakes

When I help a vendor or purchaser in transitioning a rent roll from exchange to settlement, there are some fundamental rules that I follow in order to make sure the vendor has obtained compliant agreements, the purchaser is paying for compliant agreements, and the essentials of what makes up a property file are evident and ready for collection at settlement. Below is a checklist you may follow or use not just for a rent roll sale or acquisition, but also if you want to even simply audit your existing rent roll.