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Matt's Top 10 Key Learnings

In four and half years of MC Rent Roll Broking I've learnt a lot along the way. But I've also seen some silly mistakes by a vendor as well as a purchaser. Each time something has happened which has created a problem for me to find a solution. And in doing so I've made sure the experience is passed on to the next vendor or purchaser, so hopefully that same mistake is not made again. So what are my Top 10 Key Learnings?

7 Essential Items for a Hand Over File at Settlement

Quite often or too often a purchaser accepts newly signed agency agreements in their company name as being true and correct and compliant. They haven't physically checked every agreement that has been returned to the vendor. At the end of the day it's the vendor's job to procure every new agency agreement, isn't it? Well yes, however you as the purchaser has the right to review every single one of them before settlement or before you hand over a stack of money.