Buying with mc

Business Review – Understanding exactly why you are purchasing a rent roll, office and business or shares in a company is so important to make sure the right buyer is potentially buying from a realistic vendor. Sometimes this opportunity may not be the right opportunity. ‘mc’ is committed to finding the right opportunity for qualified buyers.

Marketing Campaign – The next step is to target like-minded agencies that have attractive rent rolls in your respective area or marketing catchment. Professional approaches are made through discrete phone calls and introductions so as to find the right agency with rent roll.

Negotiation of Sale – The due diligence process entails ascertaining whether the agency and rent roll are the right fit for your business. ‘mc’ undertakes a thorough due diligence process and reporting in order to arrive at a value and make the negotiating of the sale easier.

Exchange of Contracts – ‘mc’ will assist the buyer and vendor in order to make the exchange arms length and fair. Once the contracts are exchanged ‘mc’ will manage the transition with the vendor.

Pre-Settlement – ‘mc’ has a successful record of maintaining retention throughout the transition process. With the vendor’s assistance and correct communication to owners, the proceeds from the sale are maximized for both vendor and buyer.

Final Settlement – when all returned signed MAAs are available for settlement, ‘mc’ will undertake managing the settlement with both parties solicitors’ managing the disbursement of funds ensuring settlement happens swiftly and easily.

Buying key statistics