Market Update April 2016 - structuring a sale

We're already in April and the first quarter of 2016 has passed. We had a frantic start to the year with quite a few sales the beginning of February as history has told me more vendors list their businesses for sale in the later half of the year.... Read More

Tell Tale Signs of a Poorly Run Property Management Business

On 09 Feb 2016 Tags ingoing condition reports
Many an agency or agent looking to purchase a rent roll has approached me after initial discussions with the prospective vendor. I'm asked to help with the transition, review a sample of files in the rent roll and basically handle the sale from... Read More

Rent Roll Funding - What Do You Need?

When acquiring a rent roll, whether it's just the asset, the office & business with the rent roll or even shares in the company that holds the rent roll, there are many considerations before you make the call to the bank.1. Equity... Read More

Why Buy Shares in a Company vs Re-Sign New Agreements

On 15 Nov 2015 Tags acquiring shares in a company
There are many advantages and disadvantages to acquiring a rent roll or agency with the shares in the company that holds the agency agreements, versus re-signing all new agreements in to your company or from the vendor's company. It is becoming more... Read More

Matt's Top Tips to Profitable Rent Rolls

On 21 Oct 2015 Tags Profitability
Through my travels and sales, I have seen many rent rolls transact at good solid multipliers and some at low well below average multipliers. One thing is for certain, that the better above average commission rates the better chance of... Read More