What's the Process for Buying & Selling Rent Rolls? - 10 Talking Points

What’s the Process for Buying & Selling Rent Rolls? - 10 Talking Points When I sit down with prospective buyers & sellers I outline to them the process involved in buying or selling a rent roll. The same exact process or methodology applies... Read More

Matt's Top 10 Key Learnings

In four and half years of MC Rent Roll Broking I've learnt a lot along the way. But I've also seen some silly mistakes by a vendor as well as a purchaser. Each time something has happened which has created a problem for me to find a solution. And in... Read More

Market Update September 2016 - demands for rent roll

It's been some time since I have updated everyone on the market. In April I discussed structuring a sale and that more and more vendors are requesting a sale of shares as a going concern or walk in walk out. The benefits for a vendor are quite... Read More

Bob Walters Interview - Tips for a Successful Sale

Recently I sold some of Bob Walters rent roll. It was not a full sale, but a partial sale with a strategy that Bob had put in place in order to execute his succession plan.Bob shares in my latest 'MC Listing Series' video, his experience throughout... Read More

Should you buy a Distressed Rent Roll?

It's an interesting market at the moment with some interesting activity in respect to rent rolls for sale, rent rolls being consolidated and new entrants in the real estate market disrupting existing agencies and players. I am seeing more internal... Read More