Mid Year Update 2017

On 23 Aug 2017 Tags Mid Year Update 2017
Ben Price interviews Matt Ciallella, Managing Director of MC Rent Roll Broking as he delivers an interesting mid year update regarding why there are more rent rolls for sale than in the last 2 years and and why yous hould always have your funding in... Read More

Market Update - April 2017

The first quarter of this year saw as expected a slow start to January with a sharp increase in activity as soon as school went back beginning of February. 2016 was an up and down year with normal succession sales or retirees and small agencies... Read More

Attrition vs Retention - Strategies to Minimise & Maximise

Many agents ask me, what is the average retention or attrition you see with rent roll sales?My answer is a question quite simple, do you mean attrition of the rent roll or retention of the rent roll? A lot of principals believe they are one of the... Read More

What's the Process for Buying & Selling Rent Rolls? - 10 Talking Points

What’s the Process for Buying & Selling Rent Rolls? - 10 Talking Points When I sit down with prospective buyers & sellers I outline to them the process involved in buying or selling a rent roll. The same exact process or methodology applies... Read More

Matt's Top 10 Key Learnings

In four and half years of MC Rent Roll Broking I've learnt a lot along the way. But I've also seen some silly mistakes by a vendor as well as a purchaser. Each time something has happened which has created a problem for me to find a solution. And in... Read More