About mc

As a specialised rent roll and business broking service for real estate agents, we work with both vendors and purchasers of rent rolls and real estate agencies as well as commercial and strata agencies

We clearly outline the sale process with you and communicate regularly to ensure you are kept up-to-date during each step of the sale or purchase.

We are committed to ensuring we understand your business. Real estate agents may have different reasons for selling – you may be looking to retire, exit the market, sell down to key staff, or sell your rent roll. For some agents, selling to the right person is important, especially when you want to ensure staff are well looked after. For others, you may be after a quick sale. Whatever your reasons, we can work with you to get the right outcome which maximises the return on the business you’ve successfully grown.

Purchasers also have different reasons for buying a rent roll or real estate business. As you look to make this investment in your business, we will work with you to review your future growth plans to ensure it is the right fit for you and your business.